The Effects Of Dependence On Technology: The Importance Of Technology

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Nowadays, technology gadgets are all around us, filling a big part of our lives. The improvement of technology is as fast as lightning as you can see those popular gadgets that we use daily are what people have been dreaming to create in the past. For example, a mobile phone costs an arm and a leg in the 70‘s as it was just invented. Despite being heavy and not portable, it was so popular those days that people always dreamt to have one in their houses. Luckily, times have changed, and due to the improvement of technology, the mobile phone has been through a lot of evolutions until it becomes the smartphone. The smartphone is such a common device in our life that almost everyone in the world has one. Think about it, having about 7 billion of world population, we have approximately 7 billion of activated smartphones around the world. The phone has evolved from a symbol of luxury to a daily necessity; which is all because of the improvement of technology. From this case, we can also realise an important thing, which is people are always relying on technology in our daily life. In fact, this dependence on technology has caused a lot of effects to humanity in various aspects. Among all the effects, the effect of dependence on technology in the aspect of creativity and communication is the most significant.

First and foremost, technology has changed the way we communicate with each other. However, this is apparently a good thing. Have you realised the time we talk to each other
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