The Effects Of Digital Reading

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Reading is much different now than it has been before. Most reading is now done online. The two articles “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr (2008) and “The Deep Space of Digital Reading” by Paul LaFarge (2016) talk about the different effects of digital reading and how it might change the way we read. Although we have very easy access to loads of information, there can be some negative effects to it. Both of the articles talk about how we tend to stop reading critically and are no longer able to concentrate while reading due to the constant distraction of ads and social media. With all of these changes and distractions when it comes to digital technology, are teenagers able to concentrate more than adults while using the internet? Literature Review Many people are starting to have a tough time reading anything that is more than a few paragraphs long. They lose their motivation and start to skim the reading. Carr (2008) said “I’m not thinking the way I used to think. I can feel it most strongly when I’m reading”. People are finding it harder to concentrate and finish out their reading while online. They lose their train of thought and are constantly needing to reread what they have read. We have very easy access to a lot of information online, but we are often distracted by ads, emails, or we bounce from link to link. Carr (2008) seems to think that the internet is chipping away our ability to concentrate and comprehend. Many people are skimming rather than

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