How Does Divorce Affect Women

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Divorce is extremely distressing and traumatizing for both men and women. Both suffer emotionally, financially, and socially. Both men and women are affected emotionally because of the "marital failure." Usually, women cope better than men. Nevertheless, both of them "experience a mix of emotional reactions in the chaos ranging from grief, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression to anger and relief." ("The Effects of Divorce on Women & Men"). Adel Sadek, Professor of Psychiatry at Ain Shams University's Faculty of Medicine, talks in his book Divorce is not the Answer about the effect of divorce on the couple. Sadek says that after divorce, one's feelings or emotions get "cold." After that one will be incredulous, and he goes into a state of shock which is followed by a state of denial. About two or three weeks later, they go into a state of grief which is more like depression. One feels like he or she has "failed" or that he is "guilty." The divorced couple feels that they did not only fail in their "marital life," but they also failed in life (78). They lose confidence in themselves which makes them lose…show more content…
("10 Side Effects Of Divorce On Children"). "They slip into a state of shock seeing their parents separate forever." ("10 Side Effects Of Divorce On Children"). They become depressed because their parents are always fighting and quarrelling. They can do nothing to help their parents solve their problems. They become tense, nervous ("10 Side Effects Of Divorce On Children") and they do not feel at ease because of the continuous fights. They become anxious ("10 Side Effects Of Divorce On Children") and afraid that the continuous fighting of their parents would end up in
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