Does Deforestation Cause Global Warming?

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Environment: Global Warming Recently global warming became a hot topic to debate about. There are people who believe in it and are continuously worried about the environment and our future, and the others who think that it is just a made-up story to mask other bigger problems. But what is it, exactly? Global warming is a gradual rise in the overall temperature affected by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere (“Global warming”). Global warming should already be recognized as a real threat from human activity to our planet, and should be researched more, since it might greatly affect our future if left unnoticed. People are always in need of energy. The Industrial Revolution was one of the sparks of the climate change.…show more content…
There are two ways in which it is done: cutting down the trees then burning everything else, and the elimination of the photosynthesis (“How Does Deforestation Cause Global Warming?”). The first method of slash-and-burn is releasing even more CO2, but is still used because no high-tech machinery is needed. Instead we are loosing that possibility even more, because after burning the soil, it loses its fertility. The second reason is killing the trees that, using photosynthesis, could potentially use carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Thus, deforestation is also stimulating global warming. Moreover, the sea level is rising. Recorded data of past 100 years shows that the sea level increased by almost 7 inches (“Rising Sea Level”). As water heats up, it expands, consequently the hotter it gets the higher the sea level will get. Rising sea level is dangerous for people living in low-altitude areas, near oceans. It can also harm flora and fauna of those areas, such as coral reefs, certain forests and polar…show more content…
Thereupon, some ways to help to avoid global warming (West):
• Heating efficiently. By using less heat, such as air conditioning, less energy is used. Instead, adding insulation to walls and windows will trap the heat from the inside.
• Driving efficiently. No need to drive a car when a bicycle or walking can improve health and not release more CO2 into the atmosphere.
• Planting a tree. More trees will produce more oxygen using photosynthesis while absorbing carbon dioxide. Given these points, global warming can result a calamity for the environment, humanity and the future of our planet if the research is left as it is now and no action is taken to prevent it. People are taking sides on whether global warming is a real danger or not. But solid proof is needed in order for action to take place. Real or not, we can already notice a few changes in the ecosystem and even in our daily

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