The Effects Of Environmental Pollution On The Environment

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Environmental fluctuations and the anthropogenic activities, which influence it, are linked to the society and economy. From last century many tools and technical solutions gave the explosive scientific and technical development to people, which might have an increasing effect on the environment. Reduction in environmental pollution has become essential for survival of living beings on the earth. For environmental load reduction and minimizing pollutant emissions deriving from the petroleum fuel is a justifiable demand of the society (Nikolett and Zöldy, 2009). Recently, Microbial biofuel production is one area where pollution of environment can be restricted using microorganisms. Biofuels are a promising form of alternative energy that may replace existing fuel sources such as gasoline, jet fuel, or diesel without requiring engine modifications or additional infrastructure development (Fortman et al., 2008). Cellulose from plant matter studied for typical biofuel production processes. Using enzymes and chemical pretreatment processes, the lignocellulose is broken down into sugars like glucose or pentose. These sugars are then fed to microorganisms (such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Escherichia coli) that convert the sugar into biofuel (Dunlop et al., 2010). Lignocellulose is designed to be strong and resistant to degradation. This means it is very difficult to release it from the cell walls and to break down the

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