European Imperialism In China

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In the midst of the Industrial Revolution, imperialism became inevitable as Europeans needed raw materials for industrialization. As time passed, Europeans grew covetous for money and goods. During the late 1800s, both Africa and China was uncontrolled and had some of the most essential raw resources and luxuries. Raw materials were required in order to keep European industrialization flourishing. Thus European government wanted economic opulence by obtaining raw materials in Africa, and by imperializing China to trade so the accumulated profit can be used to purchase Chinese goods. In order to get what they wanted, the most significant method used to imperialize Africa was the Berlin conference, and to imperialize China, unequal treaties were…show more content…
Raw materials were easily accessible in Africa because they had natural resources like coal, gas, copper, and chromium which were essential to fuel industrialization (Berlin conference simulation). In particular, raw materials like iron were needed for the iron industry. The iron industry caused a boost in Europe’s economy because tons of irons were being sold. Iron was used to build bridges and waterways which increased businesses and trades as products were more easily transported to other countries rapidly. Additionally, in order to boost Belgium's economy, the Belgium, King Leopold, sold rubber in the African congo and made profit (Hochschild). An example of this is, rubber was used in clothing, tires, boots and raincoats which caused the industrial world to rapidly thrive because these products were being sold. Eventually “between 1890 and 1904, (the) total Congo rubber earning increased ninety-six times over” (Hochschild). This is significant because as the price of the products inclined, Belgium's economy flourished. On the contrary, the most significant cause of European imperialism in China was the desire to trade for natural resources. Specifically, the British sold opium, a drug smoked with tobacco. The British’s primary motive of trading opium was to make profit because that profit was…show more content…
This effected a great amount of people because Europeans controlled Africans, and the Africans had to neglect all their traditionals ways, social structures, and beliefs. In order to fully acquire the Europeans needs and wants, Africa had to lose their right “to control their own destiny, to plan their own development, manage their economy, determine their own strategies and priorities” (Boahen). This is historically significant because not having control of their own continent made them a weak nation. The concept of survival of the fittest correlates with this because survival of the fittest is when the most wealthiest and dominant country will be able to survive in the world. A weak and powerless continent like Africa would not be able to survive due to their vulnerability because superior countries will take advantage of them. For example, Africans had to grow crops in their own land in minimum wages for the Europeans and pay high taxes. The native Africans were not able to take any action against the Europeans because the Europeans were indomitable compared to Africa. Eventually it led to the Europeans to take advantage of the native Africans by treating them as laborers. In addition, one crucial consequence of European imperialism in China was being exposed to new advancements because new improvements would let a country to progress and become developed. For instance, due
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