The Effects Of Fatherlessness On Children

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Parents are the foundation of life for children, molding their child with each action they take or word they say into a unique individual. Half of marriages today end in separation or divorce leading to one of the parents, most commonly the father, leaving the home. Social interactions, confidence, morals, and a sense of self are all things people learn and develop from the relationships with their parents. A father’s absence can be profoundly influential on a child’s life, performance in school, mental and physical health, and social development can all be affected. Emotional health and development is central to all of the previously mentioned aspects, of an individual’s identity. Children with absentee fathers grow up at a disadvantage and…show more content…
People who value education live comfortable lives because they utilize the knowledge that an uneducated person never received. Numerous studies have been conducted researching the educational experiences of children who come from a one parent household, these studies show the effects of a fatherless household often result in negative student outcomes. Children who come from a matriarchal household are more likely to skip school, show poor academic performance, and have an increased risk of becoming a high school dropout (Gray and Anderson). Fatherlessness has a huge impact on education, it has been shown the absence of a father has led to high numbers of students dropping out, seventy one…show more content…
According to a research study following 63 case families with absent fathers, children who maintained contact with their fathers showed higher levels of success in life which led to the assertion that healthy relationships between father and child enhance the child’s ability to adapt to situations better than children who have had little guidance from a father figure: “When children feel loved and cared for by parents, their sense of emotional security is strengthened” (Edwards). It has been argued that having an absentee father impacts most adult outcomes, including success in educational achievements, which leads to success in the job market and ultimately building one’s family unit (Sutherland). Many literary works draw from real world experiences while developing characters as seen in the protagonist, Rachel, in Since We Fell. Without a paternal figure present during her childhood Rachel developed a void she seeks to fill as an adult and while traveling on the road of self-discovery battles inner demons and self-doubt. “Then she’d look out the window and fear the world and remember that ninety percent of herself was still at least forty percent more than she liked” (Lehane 137). Numerous studies have concluded that children are more prone to be secure in themselves with higher levels of confidence in their abilities

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