Feminism In Society

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The sex industry has placed a negative perception on society towards women. The role of women over the years has changed dramatically from the beginning of recorded times to present day. Women have completely withdrew from the concept of being biddable and conservative. As women’s morals, values, and ethics start to revolutionize throughout generations, society has to learn how to adjust to the change. Society has corrupted the image of women by becoming censorious over their choices.
The upbringing of the idea of feminism has become a powerful movement for women worldwide. Feminism began in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, held by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton. It was a woman's rights convention that influenced women to understand their
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Men who are not accepting the realities of change and conformation that is taking place are causing an disruption within equality. The manifestation of power and dominancy has blown completely out of proportion. We have careless actuations being brought to innocent women, who just want impartiality. Murder, rape, molestation, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual violence occurs every single day. These crimes results to society having two opposing effects. The first effect is when most people have their own perspective to wherein they try to put the blame of these crimes on the victims themselves due to their appearance. For example, the female victim of a rape crime could be said to be at fault due to the fact that her body shape was attractive, her female areas were exposed, or because of the way she dressed. The second effect is when there are some individuals who has a perspective to wherein they don’t see the female victims as the reason for the crime. Therefore, they ignore the environment of the situation and only focus on the part where the suspect commits the crime. They then look down on the suspect and says that he shouldn’t have commited the crime. Given these points, as Judith Butler said, “It would be a mistake if the sexual harassment law movement is the only way which feminism is known in the media.” This meant that none of these crimes should be known as an idea of feminism because of its true value in history. These acts are considered sexists in a behavioral manner which causes a greater uproar within
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