The Effects Of Hate Crimes

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Hate crimes are defined as “violent acts that are directed at a particular person by virtue of that person being a member of a specific group” (Module 3, 2016). People who commit hate crimes hold a personal bias or even worse, hate a person based on his/her group membership. Averseness to the sexual preference, race, religion, gender, etcetera thus may be the motivation for some people to commit such crimes. Hate crimes are unacceptable, as they have devastating effects on the victims, their families, but also on society as a whole, as they involve hatred against a specific group of people, which is incompatible with our social value system that cherishes equality and tolerance. Hate crimes can cause social tensions, and bear the risk of generating conflicts and disturbances within society.…show more content…
The long-term costs are difficult to estimate, but they place a big burden on communities and the nation as a whole, Perpetrators of hate crimes may use various forms of violence, for example personal violence, verbal threats and intimidation, arson, and all types of weapons. In 2014, 5479 hate crimes were reported to the

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