The Effects Of Inequality On The American Dream

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The effects of inequality on the American Dream is a problem that many generations to come will be facing for a very long time. Cal Thomas’s essay titled Is the American Dream Over touches on some of the reasons why the American dream is over. Cal says, “Wherever you choose to look--at the economy and jobs, the public schools, the budget deficits, the nonstop warfare overseas--you’ll see a country in sad shape (Thomas 569). I couldn’t agree with him more. Our country is in sad shape, and its part of the reason why the American Dream is dead.
Inequality is part of the reason why the American Dream is dead. Women don’t get paid the same amount as men. Now you may be thinking to yourself, why would that cause an effect on the American Dream? There are more and more women raising children alone. Women who can barely afford to pay the bills, let alone buy a piece of property. Women make up the majority of the uninsured, and that’s probably has something to do with the pay inequality. You can’t expect a single mother to be able to afford food, shelter, clothing, gas, and everything else that comes with raising a child and
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The issues that we face are being passed down to our children. The objections and reasons for hating one culture to the next are being passed down from one generation to the next. It almost seems as if it gets worse with each generation. It’s getting worse with each generation because of the effects of inequality on the American dream. Kids are no longer born with the thought of being able to achieve whatever they want. They are constantly seeing inequality every day. They may see it on T.V., experience it at school, and they may eventually watch their elders participate in acts that only further inequality. Children pick up the habits of their parents and eventually their children do the same. This cycle will continue unless we do something

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