Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation: Article Analysis

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Behavioral changes from one generation to the next naturally occur little by little. Nonetheless, changes in adolescent behavior from the millennial generation triumphing it have been substantial and revolutionary. Today’s teens have never witnessed a world without internet. The majority of them possess smartphones and waste several hours each week on social media. But while numerous parents may feel allayed about their teens’ seeming uninterested in drinking, driving and dating, they could perhaps be overlooking the effects that continuous internet access has on their teens’ mental well-being. In the article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”, Jean M. Twenge compares iGen to previous generations. The smartphone and social media define “iGen”, the generation born between 1995 to 2012. Twenge accuses smartphones for sleep deprivation, anti-socialization, courtship, sexual activities, and poor mental health. The omnipresence of the smartphone affects adolescents in every section of the United States, regardless of social class and ethnic background. Jean Twenge established ethos when he stated,“he had been studying generational differences for 25 years and that he started when was a 22 year old doctoral student in psychology”(2). Since he has been studying different generations for many years he knows…show more content…
We agree with the author because us as members of Igen we can relate or agree to some of the points Twenge stated. The authors points were the most effective when she used pathos because although it may seem shocking she isn’t wrong, and with the logos backing up her arguments it is hard to argue with her. It’s sad that most of our lives have been consumed by the use of phones and the internet but that’s how life is now and Even if phones and social media bring bad things to the table it is also making life better for teens and keeping them
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