The Effects Of Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile Delinquency is a phenomenon that affects communities worldwide, according to staggering media reports, both print and electronic, where Juveniles today are killing each other over turf, insults, Jokes, and a matter of machismo, and are now competing with the career criminals, in conducting deviant acts such as theft, murder/wounding, drug abuse, the sale of drugs, promiscuity and other arrest-able and non-arrest-able offenses.
Some factors affecting juvenile delinquency are; family structure, commonly referred to as ‘‘broken homes’’ (Spohn, and Kurtz, 2011) and the relationship between the parent and child, so we look at the different family structures, the delinquent characteristics of family members, parental styles, parental attitudes,
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Research has shown that juvenile delinquency is in on the upsurge creating problems for society on the whole where there is an increase of 76% for drug law violations, 56% for person’s offense and 57% for public order offenses. The act of Juvenile delinquency refers to criminal acts committed by children or teenagers, (Regoli, et. al 2010) particularly less than eighteen years of age. Juvenile delinquency known as juvenile offending or youth crime is the participation in illegal behavior by minors (Nisar, Ullah, Ali, Alam…show more content…
It has been established that the parent who shows great interest and positive involvement in their children’s lives help protect their children against delinquent outcomes, including violent criminal acts (Lahlah, lens, Bogaert, Vander and Leontien

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