The Effects Of Loneliness In The Great Gatsby

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As social beings, most of us feel the need to interact and enjoy the company of others. A popular definition of loneliness, is that its that feeling we get when this interaction is missing. However, loneliness is not the same as being alone or isolated. One can choose to be alone and enjoy a very blissful life. Or one can be very active in community groups, friends, and even family and still feel lonely. Loneliness is not an outward appearance, its an internal battle that causes weakness, and spiritual isolation within a person. Contrary to popular belief, loneliness is not something that is detected through the outside appearance. Most people who are feeling lonely are involved in outward interactions, it is when that person is internally analyzing there life that they find that they are lonely. While reading “The Great Gatsby” my senior year, there was a phrase Nick used that always stuck with me. It's…show more content…
Often times when one is struggling with loneliness their internal perception is that no one likes them, that they are set apart. Now what this does within a person is it causes them to spiritually and emotionally disconnect from people. Many times a person going through this withdraw appears fake, and or cold to the outside world. They often fake reactions to certain situations and it seems over done. Their the person at the party that laughs the loudest and dances longest. They one at the funeral that causes the biggest scene with their tears and tales about the deceased. On the other hand they can come across as emotional less. This is complete different than the person who overdoes emotions. This person will show a lack of emotions, their the person who doesn't cry, or laugh when it's appropriate to. The mindset that loneliness displays within a person cause them to spiritually disconnect with the world along with many weaknesses and an internal battle that
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