Bias In The Media

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Bias in the Media In America, our media has long been accused of being biased. In today’s complex political atmosphere, the left and the right are extremely split, and some of the reasoning behind that is the influence of the media on both sides of the political spectrum. Conservatives argue our media is liberal biased while Liberals accuse media to be conservative bias. Nonetheless, seventy-seven percent of individuals surveyed in 2011 by Pew Research Center say the media tends to favor one political side over the other (Farhi, Paul). The question of whether or not media affects voting results was put to the test by Stefano DellaVigna and Ethan Kaplan, authors of The Fox News Affect: Media Bias and Voting (“Media Bias and Voting”). Between…show more content…
I believe liberal bias is more dominant in the media because there are several more liberal media outlets than conservative. Journalists and reporters are often seen on the left side of the political spectrum, so the voices of conservatives are not as loud or seen as often as the liberals. Because of this, there does not seem to be an even match on which will get into the thoughts of viewers, especially if viewers of the liberal outlet are regulars. If we wish to see an end, or at least a decrease, in media bias, we must remember viewers need to see more unbiased facts and less opinion across both liberal and conservative media…show more content…
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