Dangers Of Online Dating

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In the mind of most of the people will want to have a person accompany or have a chat with you. Due to the modern science and technology developed, people began to look for someone to chat on the internet. Online dating is very extensive because it is around the world that can through the internet to contact. Online dating is by providing information about yourself and respond to other people’s information to set up a romantic relationship (Online Dating, n.d.). Moreover, perhaps a person meets with another person the likelihood of 0.1 percent only, but it in the mysterious world is a very rare thing. In addition to that, online dating for girls is a risky behavior. It is because online dating were strangers to each other at first, who also do not know who they are, you may not know you have been cheated. Irma Kurtz mentioned that girls to meet men online will put themselves in danger, for the technology deprive their risk consciousness (Cox, 2014). This will let you know what the risks of online dating are. The risk of online dating is significantly increasing for the adults in America because of the scammer, sexual predator and data security. Nowadays people often use online dating sites and mobile dating apps to chat or…show more content…
First, based on the study that online dating can make single people have realized that a lot of interesting people (The Pros and Cons of Online Dating, n.d.). Second, it also can choose which do you want to meet with each other. Next, it noted that through online communicate with friends can reduce the fear of social fear because online dating are anonumous. Last, it also can choose the romantic partner carefully and understand each person’s interests. The advantages of online dating which are both sides are strangers, just chat on the screen and can also satisfy your emptiness. It is believed that people can look for a partner in online just at the surface
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