The Effects Of Overdependence On Technology And Communication

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Have you heard of Steve Cutts? He is an artist who delineates the outrageousness of society through digital arts, which his fans visualise as postmodern arts. One of Steve’s products, which is widely spread on social media, pictures a man holding a selfie stick with his own brain on the end, flashing. Surprisingly, he heehaws while his half-cut head without brain and eyes contains a smart phone. The public knows Steve as a distinguished illustrator not just because he can be in a daze about humans and paint, but because he criticises boldly on ramification of human’s overdependence on technology. From that, we know that there’s a difference between ‘overdependence’, an excess of reliance on something and ‘dependence’, reliance on something which is more likely to bring out the positive side of anything. Whereas people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication are different as community’s reliance on modern technology can drain away their energy to think imaginatively but Educational Communications and Technology brings out innovative ideas if wisely used, while the usage of Communication Technology or ICT makes real life conversations dwindle, is nevertheless connecting long-distance family but yet, the ways technology has affected creativity and communication are also similar as it improves human’s life at numerous situations. Even the world’s largest encyclopaedia, Wikipedia suggests that technology can be most broadly defined as the
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