The Effects Of Overpopulation

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There are innumerable issues that pose a threat to our way of living and overpopulation is one of the problems. The world’s population is increasing by 1.10 percent per year or 83 million people. Advanced technology has affected this rising number in many ways. Although the world has a lot of untapped natural resources, overpopulation is a threat to humanity and the planet because it will increase habitat loss, accumulate the consumption of finite natural resources, and reduce stabilization of the climate.
With a higher population, there will be more favorable outcome in certain businesses; however, habitat loss to both humans and animals is menacing. For instance, “Already strained with relentless population explosion, many developing countries, such as in Sub Saharan Africa and Southern Asia, will experience a degradation of their quality and length of life as they face increasing difficulties to supply water, food, and housing to their growing populations” (Effects of Human Overpopulation). This shows that struggling countries are facing dilemma and complications giving housing to those families in need. This is also important because the lack of affordability of homes has caused the increase in number of many homeless people. On the other hand, “Animals across the globe are rapidly disappearing as a result of rapidly expanding human population coupled with an unsustainable level of per capita consumption” (Human Overpopulation). This shows that as the human population
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