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Most students, during their school years, push themselves forward to succeed. Whether it is taking extracurricular programs or constantly studying, they’re always aiming for that one letter that 'll “determine” their whole future: an ‘A’. Students do this especially during grade 7 and 8, the transition from middle school high school. Students are not limiting their study time as they 're to get into the high school of their choice. “As experience and research confirm, kids who study more tend to earn higher grades.” However, are the sleepless nights really worth the grades? In fact, is overstudying causing more harm than good? In one’s opinion, overstudying is causing more harm than good to middle schoolers as it affects them mentally and…show more content…
Many people assume that students that apply a 'dominating force ' towards their school work have honourable grades, though it some cases this is false. This is because the stress from overstudying causes students to slack and become anxious.
When examination time arrives, students will not be capable of concentrating. Therefore, the stress of overstudying will mentally affect middle schoolers causing them to be unsuccessful in academics. Overstudying will affect middle schoolers by causing them to behave poorly and roughly. Students with a routine of constant studying tend to have fewer hours of sleep. A study done by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) claimed that “Teens who stay up late at night cramming are more likely to have academic problems the following day- doing poorly on the test they have studied for.” Whereas, a professor at Stanford said all this pressure often results in cheating and plagiarism. Another study done by Michelle Cumming said that middle school students “May act out when under stress from things such as academic challenges and peer pressure.” All three studies claimed that the stress caused by overstudying lead to behavioural problems. The following behavioural problems stated included, plagiarism, cheating and ‘acting-out’ as in becoming impulsive and aggressive. Therefore, overstudying will cause middle school students to behave
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