Plastic Surgery: Do They Benefit Teenagers?

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Plastic surgery is defined as surgery that helps people reconstruct their original appearance to what they cherish and demand, such as reshaping a nose or augment breasts (Zuckerman & Abraham, 2008). Since plastic surgery is no longer a taboo nowadays, more citizens are interested and this trend is getting younger too. More and more people accept that this kind of surgery is common in today’s society. Most scholars agree with the increasing trend of demand for plastic surgery, especially the youngsters (Wilhite, 2012; Pearl & Weston, 2003; Zuckerman & Abraham, 2008). Undergoing cosmetic surgery could let people ‘feel better about themselves’ and be satisfied with the part of body they have fixed (Pearl & Weston, 2003; Zuckerman & Abraham, 2008). However, the concern is whether the teens under 18 possess the intellectual maturity (Wilhite, 2012) and the risk and fear of long-term…show more content…
Although plastic surgery could help teenagers become prettier physically and improve self-esteem mentally, the potential risk of undergoing cosmetic surgery should not be neglect. Besides, teenagers who want to undergo plastic procedures may not consider deeply since they are usually initiate by mass media and celebrities with good appearance. They are not mature enough to make decision with unexpected drawbacks. Another factor is that teenagers should be protected. Not only government should illegalize teenage cosmetic procedures to shoulder the responsibility, teenagers should be protected in order to prevent them facing the surgery accident or even stopped the happened of tragedy. The decision of whether undergo surgery or not could be considered for a longer period or leave it until eighteen years old. Despite cosmetic surgery could let youngsters feel better about themselves, it brings more harm than benefits to adolescents below 18. Thus, plastic surgery should be
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