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Police brutality is a real problem that creates a huge divide between people. Police are the peacekeepers and most of them are good, but some abuse their power and authority. People under their protection must not lose faith in them. The vast majority of the police force throughout America joins to make their community a better and safer place, some however, lose the way of the oath they take, that says they will treat everyone with equal rights and respect, and start to abuse their power, but faith should still be put in them. Some may say that all police are corrupt, and are only there for power and/or to benefit themselves, and we should not trust them. Due to some violent interactions with police some are afraid,“Specific traumatic encounters with…show more content…
If police were afraid to act there could be serious consequences,“There is concern that reprimanding police for all of their decisions may lead them to hesitate, jeopardizing the officer’s safety and that of any bystanders.”(Source C). If a police officer were to hesitate it could put them and others in danger. That would be the opposite effect of what their goal is. When there is suspicion of police brutality, the situation should be analyzed, “In any situation where aggressive police behavior rises questions about the appropriateness of the reaction, it is important to investigate the accusations promptly and thoroughly.”(Source C). When police are accused of being too aggressive, it is important to investigate why there actions were put into place. Would it still be the police’s fault if the “victim” was being aggressive towards the police or being a threat to the area? Police do what is best for the community, and take on the role of being rule keeper and must do what is necessary to keep everybody safe. If even a half-second delay is made, it could be the difference between life and

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