The Effects Of Pollution On The Ocean

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You all have been hearing don’t pollute your whole life, but it still happens. Pollution is a huge problem especially in the ocean, the ocean plays a vital role to our survival and with all polluting it, it causes problems for us in the long run. Pollution causes a lot of damage to the ecosystems that live in the ocean and the ocean itself. When the oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico that was a bad disaster, that was man made that hurt an ecosystem in ocean. All that oil spread throughout the ocean causing a lack of sunlight to penetrate through the water deep making it hard for plants to grow and or prosper. Plus it was affecting the wildlife as well mostly having an effect on the birds. The oil would stick to their feathers causing it hard to fl and get away from their predators plus the oil would get into their face causing problems for the bird. Than in the Pacific Ocean there is a belt all along the Pacific Ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is caused by currents pushing all the debris out to see from, rivers, streams, harbors, storm drains, etc. This pollution belt causes many problems for the ecosystems is comes across with. Fish can eat the garbage or get trapped in something from the trash causing death in most cases. Let…show more content…
Without the plant life there would be no species of fish will be able to live. Without fish in our life humans would die off and so would other animals that depend on fish to live. Please listen to me and help with the pollution in the ocean. It will save an animal 's life and ultimately our

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