The Effects Of Racial Profiling

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Being racially profiled is a part of day to day life as a black male, or maybe racial profiling happens way more of than it should, between black males and the police. Being judgmental most often gives the police tunnel vision to only see the fancy cars and the nice jewelry being worn by black males, and they automatically assume he is a drug dealer. The outward appearance often gives the police a preconceived notation about black males, due to the sagging pants and gold teeth, which in Police eyes marks them as less than a working-class citizen. Police often encounter African American males by traffic stops when driving, often times without probable cause, and executing illegal searches of that individual property. In today’s society, black males are more likely to be racially profiled by Police than any other male ethnicity, creating barriers, hatred, and distrust between black males and the police.…show more content…
The most common form of racial profiling occurs when police stop, question, and search. Although racial profiling is commonly known to happen to members of racial minorities. Its proven to happen more often to only African Americans. In 1996, a television network aired a report titled “driving while black”. In the show three younger black males, were paid to drive around a city in a Mercedes-Benz. During the filming the three officers pulled over the vehicle for a minor traffic infraction and search the car. The show indicated that the only reason the males were pulled over were simply because of their

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