The Effects Of Racism In Baseball

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Ever since baseball began, the sport considered a white man’s game. The big names of baseball today belong to whites and many American born blacks have lost interest in America 's Pastime. If the MLB ever plans to rise up with the NBA and the NFL, the unintentional segregation needs to stop. Black players today still go through struggles even after 70 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. Since the beginning of baseball, racism has proved to be a major problem and still resonates today. While many try to put an end to this, the issues remain ongoing. Racism affected baseball long ago and still affects the sport today.
Racism has disturbed America for a long time, but before, blacks and whites played baseball together. In the game, prior to segregation, people forgot skin color, and only the skill of the player would choose where they would play. Eventually, segregation spread across the country and America drove blacks to develop their own leagues. This brought a huge split in the world of baseball and the U.S. as a whole.(Britannica) Blacks played blacks and whites played whites. At this time, people could not see past skin color and this ended up influencing the game today.
Negro League teams accommodated many skillful players such as Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, and Oscar Charleston. Even though these men had the title of great ballplayers, to face the best of the Major Leagues. Negro League teams barnstormed all over the country to play whoever

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