The Effects Of Racism In Fugard's Novel '

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Journal 3 On pages 56 and 57, Sam and Hally fight over racist remarks. The events of pages 56 and 57 takes place after Hally makes a racist joke about being fair. His joke causes tension to escalate and causes Sam to lose respect for Hally. This scene is heartbreaking because it polarizes Hally and Sam. It cements their differences and creates a permanent rift. It also demonstrates the effects of racism and shows that the characters no longer have any pretense over racism. Through dramatic elements, Fugard highlights this scene as a defining moment of the novel where the characters fully acknowledge racism and its effects. Moreover, the characters get to choose how they respond to racism. Before this scene, the characters acknowledge racism exists, but they don’t have any deep conversations about it. This is mostly a result of Hally’s ignorance and refusal to realize the consequences of racism. In contrast, in this scene, characters are aware of their actions and its effects. They are also aware of the choices they have to improve or escalate the situation. They know that their actions could destroy their relationships or destroy their own morals. They could ignore racism, degrade one another, hit one another, or they could talk with one another. Fugard utilizes action and stage directions to create tension and violence during this scene, which he uses to reveal the different responses to racism. Throughout the novel, Sam maintains respect for Hally despite Hally’s

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