Racism In Pecola's The Bluest Eye

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Pecola the protagonist of the novel longs for the bluest eyes ultimately ends up her life with mental issues. Born as a black girl she admires white beauty and blue eyes which is rejected plainly for the blacks. It is very hard for the blacks to lead their life as a children as well as an adult. As a child blacks face many humiliations and hatred. It is even difficult and different in the case of black girls where the girls are raped and treated very badly. but for adults the humiliations are different and they are treated in inhuman ways. Racism plays an important role. Blacks come across physical as well as mental tortures. Similarly Pecola undergone mental problems when she was beaten up by her own mother and raped by her own father. Pecola…show more content…
Love Mary Jane. Be Mary Jane”. (P.No:48) Black children spent their whole time admiring white children and white beauty. Pecola goes to the next level and admires the wrapper of the candy. The wrapper is printed with Shirley Temple, the white girls which Pecola wishes. Whites are not ready to accept the blacks as a part of the society and the blacks are the mere cause for their effect. The blacks even made their social condition worsen by admiring the whites and thinking beyond their age facts to enjoy their present life. Blacks are unaware of their own condition lost their true self, self identity in the hands of white failed to enjoy their childhood. The black children unlike concentrating on their childhood happiness, get into adult stuffs. On such incident is Claudia and Frieda ready to welcome Pecola’s baby and plant Marigold, looking forward for the flowers bloom and the child too. But both died. “It was the fault of the earth, the land, of our town. I even think now that the land of the entire country was hostile to the Marigold that year. This soil is bad for certain kinds of flowers. Certain seeds it will not nurture, certain fruit it will not bear, and when the lands kills of its own volition, we acquiesce and say the victim had no right to vote” (P.No:
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