The Effects Of Reality Shows On Teenagers

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Teens spend on an average of twenty-three hours watching television. While boys tend to watch ESPN or any sport game that is on, girls tend to watch drama-packed shows, like reality television. Reality television is a genre where people are to entertain the audience rather than inform them on world events. Everyone has watched at least one episode of a popular reality show, whether it be Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, etc. Something interesting about these certain shows is that they are aired where teenagers-boys and girls-would most likely flip the channel to MTV or E!. As adolescents watch these shows, they are captivated with the lives of these reality stars, making them want to tune in every week to catch up more on their lives. American teenagers who watch reality television shows have behavioral changes by repeating the actions that they see on their television.
One type of a reality show would be a show about reckless behavior such as; partying, drinking, fighting, etc. MTV released the series Jersey Shore in 2009, where young adults would live in a big house with eight other cast members and party, drink, and have sexual relations with strangers. Teenagers who watch these shows about young adults that enjoy reckless behavior will imitate the actions they see. According to the article,"Reality TV 's Effect on Teens”, by Hope Skeen “...teens are getting exposed to things like sex, drugs and vulgar language at younger and younger ages.” In other words,

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