The Effects Of Revenge In Hamlet

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Revenge have always been off missguided thoughts. If you were put in an situation where a person harm you or did you wrong. What would be your first instinct? Most people would determine how to get back on the person or vengeance. It is in human nature to find the best way to get revenge. When people finally achieve there revenge it most likely won’t deliver any satisfaction. Revenge have always affected people actions, people suffering, and decisions afterwards. Revenge is the action of imposing harm on someone. Most people will evaluate their options and make there rational decisions. However, according to Hamlet, a book that speak about it character revenge. In Hamlet pg 256 lines 26-32 said “Revenge his foul, and most unnatural murder……show more content…
When most humans finally achieve revenge they don’t consider the aftermath. However in the story of Hamlet it illustrate that on pg 343 lines 64-71 “Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon- He that hath killed my king and whored my mother… to let this canker of our nature come in further evil?” This quote explain how Hamlet has the desire to avenge his father because of the treason that Claudius did to Hamlet’s father but also how he took Hamlet rightful place as King. So now Hamlet want revenge for two things his father and for the throne. In Hamlet once again on pg lines “what would you undertake to show yourself … Revenge should have have no bounds.” This quote tells us how strong revenge is and Claudius tells us it has no limits. The aftermath of obtaining revenge will affect humans some type of…show more content…
Some people assume they could have the right mindset while getting your vengeance. In Tell Them Not to Kill Me pg 374 lines 187-190 “I couldn’t forgive that man, even though i don’t know him … He should never have been born.” This quote illustrate the colonel perspective of why he doesn’t think the old man should live anymore and he assume he is doing the right thing. Also in Tell Them Not to Kill Me pg 375 lines 215-218 “Your daughter-in-law and grandchildren will miss you … they see your face full holes from all those bullets they shot at you.” This seem like an eye for eye situations to show vengeance. In all this the colonel show that revenge is okay in certain
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