The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

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regeneration. But if a student does not get the required hours of sleep, their body cannot fully regenerate, which is why students feel tired when they lack sleep.
Sleep deprivation has very mush affected a person’s actions negatively. In fact, eighty six percent (86%) of the respondents from the second year Medical Technology students of Silliman University said that one of the reason of a student’s poor performance in school is sleep deprivation. Also, according to Weber (2009), a lot of aspects are influenced by sleep deprivation, not only a person’s academics. In his research, he even stated that basketball athletes perform better and have a higher chance of winning a game when they have slept for at least ten (10) hours the night before.
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The great effect of being over fatigue is the decrease in the grades of students. It is very hard for them to concentrate on lectures in the morning when they have used up all their energy at night making school works. As stated in an article by Carpenter (2001): “You can be giving the most stimulating, interesting lectures to sleep deprived kids early in the morning or right after lunch, when they’re at their sleepiest, and the overwhelming drive to sleep replaces any chance of alertness, cognition, memory or understanding”. For sleep deprived individuals, being able to sleep just for a few minutes is a big opportunity to regain back all the lost times to…show more content…
Most of their time is spent in school and when they get home, there are still a bunch of home works to work on and chapter exams to study. This gives rise to the reason that students have a maximum sleep of 4-5 hours per night or even none at all and therefore, sleep deprived. Though at least 68.2% of the students answered that they cram the night before, the outcome would still be that they lack sleep. The reasons may vary from the choices of the students, they may have chosen to hang out with friends even on class days or the exams and projects are due the following day. Nevertheless, one of the major causes why students experience stress, depression, weight gain, mood swings and tiredness is all because of sleep deprivation. Time management, lesser chapters in an exam and a due date or deadline that is enough for the students to cope with are something that both students and teachers should consider. We all do not have the luxury of time; it should always be used wisely. Extreme sleep deprivation can surely be prevented if one can only management his or her time wisely and knows what his or her top
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