The Effects Of Smog In China

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Every morning, little Chu Hua wakes up with an irritated throat and runny eyes. She has a constant cough that bothers her and on days when the smog is especially thick, she is often taken to the hospital because her coughs have become further agitated by the heavy smog. Looking out the window, she sees that Beijing is shrouded in white smog, so thick that she can barely see anything past the tree in front of her apartment complex. Her mother comes in and tells her that school has been closed for today. Chu Hua sighs, trying not to cough. She has missed her third day of school this month due to the smog. For many students in Beijing, this scenario is normal. Beijing is China’s third most populous city, and has been facing air pollution problems for
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Due to a mixture of unfavorable weather conditions and rampant pollution, the smog surrounding Beijing has interfered with daily civilian life, making breathing and working in the city difficult. In order to reduce the smog emissions, individuals should wear more effective pollution masks, businesses should provide compensation for workers affected by the smog and the government should focus on the health of its people over economic gain. Smog is a man-made environmental issue that stems from excessive air pollution, whether it be from carbon emissions or factory pollution. One of the main causes of the smog in Beijing are the massive government owned steel factories. They burn coal frequently, leading to widespread pollution around the city and its surrounding areas (Wong). Coupled with the pollution created when smelting steel and vehicle

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