The Effects Of Social Media

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The effects of social media on us
The utilization of social media is widespread today throughout modern society and healthcare. Social media is defined as “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content” (Merriam Webster 2013). Examples of social media include blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, YouTube, podcasts, online forums and Facebook (Kuhns, 2012). There are numerous favorable circumstances and inconveniences related with these types of communications. It is broadly utilized as a strategy for boosting public profile and identity More than 800 health centers in the United States of America are identifiable on social media websites (Cain, 2011). Social media is so well integrated into our society that over one billion people have their own facebook account (The Guardian, 2012). Sadly not all of the impacts of social media are so positive. Because of wide online group of onlookers and relative permanence of anything posed on the web, mistakes in judgement can happen without proper rules (Jones, 2012). Ethics is concerned with setting up a set of rules or principles by which people have to live by. The theoretical study of ethics is not typically something that numerous individuals would view as being essential in order for them to proceed with their everyday activities. In the place of an efficiently analyzed moral structure, the vast
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