The Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Social Media: Liked by Many, Unknown to All Social media use has been increasing steadily over the years, especially with teenagers. 58% of teenage girls in 2009 used social media every day; in 2015, nearly 87% of teenage girls used social media every day (Tanner 2). Among teenagers, social media is one of the most popular activities to pursue during free time (Banyai 1). Social media comes in various forms with different purposes; for example, networking sites and dating sites (Valkenburg, Peter, and Schouten 584). The influence of peer pressure and the lack of self-control makes teenagers vulnerable to the negatives of social media (Ramasubbu 1). The negatives include worry or anxiety, depression, and loneliness (Shafer 2). A lack of sleep is also another effect of social media, as well as a societal pressure to look a certain way. Over 75 percent of teens in America have social media profiles (Ramasubbu 1). This impacts society as over half of the teenagers in America are experiencing the effects of social media. Social media can affect teenagers by increasing their risk for anxiety, decreasing their self-image, and creating a false sense of privacy; therefore, teenagers should limit their use of social media by using apps and software that block and monitor screen time. Social media use is connected to an increased risk of anxiety in teenagers. Amanda Lenhart, a senior research specialist at the Pew Internet & American Life Project, explained that there are stressors
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