Stricter Gun Control Research

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“The first six months of 2017 America saw 174 mass shootings”, (where 4 or more people were killed), according to CQ researcher, a trusted database.These mass shootings killed innocent people that wouldn 't have died otherwise. More secure gun restrictions would have spared all these people their lives. Stricter gun control would equivalent in a lower death rate and less of a threat to your loved ones, as shown by other first world countries.

The largest effect of not having gun control is the sizeable and growing number of deaths per year. The number of deaths in America involving guns have skyrocketed each year. In 2014, according to Gun Violence Archive, a website dedicated to gun statistics in the United States, “there were 12,556 gun deaths” (not including suicides). On top of that, “In 2017 that number grew to a whopping 15,588”.
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Despite the common myth that guns protect you and your family from criminals, it actually worsens your chance of being injured or killed. If you own a gun, you are 4.5 times more likely to be shot than someone who doesn 't carry a weapon.You might feel safe having a gun, but if someone does try and hurt you, the chances are higher of your gun getting turned on you. Additionally, If you have a gun at home it 's more likely to be used to threaten a family member or intimate partner than self defense. In addition to this, “out of 61,466 gun incidents, only 2,039 were self defense”(Gun Violence Archive).Which is a small fraction out of total firearm incidents. Brian Doherty, an American journalist, states that “Many social scientists who research this issue of "defensive gun use" (DGUs) say such scenarios are vanishingly rare, arguing that owning a gun is more likely to lead to harm for the owner than be his or her savior in a pinch.” These statements prove that, a gun at home, or in your holster, will not be able to protect you on the rare chance of a violent
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