The Effects Of Stricter Gun Control

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“The first six months of 2017 America saw 174 mass shootings”, (where 4 or more people were killed), according to CQ researcher, a trusted database.These mass shootings killed innocent people that wouldn 't have died otherwise. More secure gun restrictions would have spared all these people their lives. Stricter gun control would equivalent in a lower death rate and less of a threat to your loved ones, as shown by other first world countries. The largest effect of not having gun control is the sizeable and growing number of deaths per year. The number of deaths in America involving guns have skyrocketed each year. In 2014, according to Gun Violence Archive, a website dedicated to gun statistics in the United States, “there were 12,556 gun deaths” (not including suicides). On top of that, “In 2017 that number grew to a whopping 15,588”. There are a couple things to blame, the first being the amount of guns the citizens of the United States own. We as a country have the highest gun ownership in the world, “the U.S have 112 guns per 100 people, which is more than one gun per person. The second highest gun ownership rate in the world is Serbia with only 75.6 guns per 100 residents” according to Hugh morris, a travel writer for the Telegraph News Company.Another reason is how easy it is to buy a gun. You can buy a gun almost anywhere, from stores like Walmart or special gun stores. Earlier this week in Parkland ,Florida suffered a deadly school shooting which killed 17 people in

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