The Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Brain

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Failure of character, strength and will in the brain is considered due to the addiction of drug or substance abuse. The person who is addicted is not viewed as a simple, helpless victim just because of the addiction of drug and its recognition. Only because of the intentional behavior usage of drugs phenomenon of addiction takes place, and it is the responsibility of addicts to take part in the recovery of their behavior. If the people do not do something for their recovery then the argument about the brain disease because of addiction will be valid. There are some many problems caused by the Substance Abuse, especially at Workplace. Following are some problems that discuss the chronic effects of substance abuse, these issues affect the brain directly or indirectly, and ultimately the person is not effective in his/her work if taking the drug.…show more content…
Because many addicts completely overcome on their usage of the drug even after single treatment by providing the replicas. Addiction is not a brain disease solitary it is also a social disease that spread gradually among whole community if not adequately controlled. Addiction could be the brain disease if there will be no control on that and that can do through medication. The argument that brain is in control of addiction doesn 't mean that the addicted individuals have no control over their action. That could be only true in case if treatment
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