Do Sweatshops Change People's Life?

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Most people believe that we are now living in a happy, peaceful and prosperous era; however, it is just an ideal illusion. The reality is that people who live in the developing city are still suffering from unemployment, famine, homeless, and sickness. As a result, sweatshops exist. How do sweatshops change people’s life? First impression that in people’s mind is that sweatshops take away labor’s human right and life. Hence, anyone has even think that sweatshops may give labor a new hopeful life with higher living standard and social life? It is a moral dilemma that sweatshops bring both pros and cons; however, the existence of sweatshops is inevitable because of the employees’ intentions, employers’ productivity and the customers’ decision. Every coin has two sides, if we can improve the working environment, eradicate the abuses and set laws to protect the labor’s basic right, sweatshops can become a warm-to-shop place that benefit to employees, employers and customers.…show more content…
Having a sweatshop is an imperative measure to maintain high level of productivity as labor cost is minimized. Sweatshops become a trend in the industry; therefore, organizations are just following the trend to stay competitive. Manufacturing in sweatshops increases productivity of companies and maximized the profit margin. Besides, to think in a different way, sweatshops help the economy of the poverty country since the international organizations bring in employment opportunities, put in capital and resources into the third world countries. In addition, companies in some situations have to make scarification in order to benefit the employees. For example, lower the wage of employees in order to keep all of them in work. If not doing so, companies may terminate workers to control the human cost. Therefore, sweatshops may not be a bad thing. Once the working condition is improved, they can be a nice place to work

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