The Effects Of Technology

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Today adults see kids on their phones and say, “Kids aren’t able to do anything but be on their phones.” Unfortunately to a point they are right. They spend too much time on their devices that it becomes addicting, which results in life changes. Technology has been a big part of our life that we have relied on. We must ask ourselves how many of us could go a week without our phones? We have relied on our devices to get our information. Libraries are not visited as often as they once were. Today with one click of a button anyone could find the answer they are looking for. The older generation may not understand because they did not grow up with all the advanced technology. Since it’s very easy for us to get our information it has made us lazy, which results in being ignorant. With google they could easily find your information. The internet weakens their ability to focus (Carr 170). As long as one is online, they can click away throughout the internet which allows them to find what they need to know. When they are given the answers they are looking for without thinking it doesn’t allow them the ability to actually learn the topic. Surfing the web chips away the capacity of concentration and contemplation. When anyones mind gets used to learning the way the internet distributes it they have trouble comprehending information any other way (Carr 171). One thing that has expanded nationwide would be social networking. Teenagers will be the future of our generation. Yet they
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