The Effects Of Television Violence

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The television plays a central part in the lives of most individuals including both children and adults as they interact with it on a daily basis for entertainment, information, and communication. Although people do not necessarily seek out violent content, violence is an integral part of the television content. Its influence is often subtle and always inescapable. As one researcher noted: “we don’t drive down the freeway in order to see billboards, but we see them and we acquire information from them anyway” (Strasburger and Wilson, 2002, p. 281).
The effects of television violence have been of public concern for over years. During this time, hundreds of studies have been performed examining the effects. The research literature has demonstrated
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Two of the well-known effects of violent media are: learning aggressive behaviors and desensitization to violence. Some other effects include normalization of violence, the cultivation of fear, dehumanization of others, and a distorted perception of reality.
If we accept that the television affects an individual’s behavior, attitudes, and beliefs, then we must also accept that it affects the familial and societal structures of the individual.
Violence is one of the dominating messages disseminated through the sensation of television, which plays an active role in entertaining and impacting the lives of today‘s young audience. Because of its prevalence, violence on TV has grown to be a controversial issue on which several studies have been conducted since the 1950s. This research seeks better understandings of how watching television violence affects its viewers. While research continually attempts to tie antisocial behavior to viewing violent television, the confidence to infer causation remains
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• Does watch violent content on television affect a person’s behavior?
• What negative impact does television violence have on an individual and the society at large? JUSTIFICATION OF STUDY
This study will go a long way to enlighten one’s knowledge on the importance of swab, sharp and instrument count. Also, this study can be a source of reference material for students and other researchers since this act has become very serious, when this study gets published it can become a reference material worldwide. The recommendation that will be generated from the study could be used by the government to formulate censorship policies regarding to the situation.
A simple random method will be used for the selection of participants for the study

A design is the blue print for conducting a study (Burns & Grove, 2009:236). A descriptive, cross-sectional design with a quantitative approach by means of a self-administered questionnaire will be used for this study. Descriptive study designs are conducted to gain more information about the characteristics within a particular field of study, the purpose is to provide a picture of situations as they naturally happen (Burns & Grove,
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