The Effects Of The Dust Bowl

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Along with food, water, and shelter, the air we breathe is essential to life. If we do not have clean air to breathe, we will become ill and even die. If we do not prioritize the air we breathe, the pollution tragedies such as what happened in Delhi last November 2016 and the Southern Plains during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s will strike again. Humans’ indifference, attempts to improve their life, or both. Sometimes when people try to improve human life, they end up harming it; in finding solutions to these man-made problems, we must consider short and long term solutions.
The 1930s in the US was a challenging time because of the Great Depression. For settlers in the Southern Plains region, the 1930s was even worse because of pollution from
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The Dust Bowl happened because people moved into the plains, for the US government wanted to expand into the west. The new settlers tore up the prairie grasses for wheat farms. Those prairie grasses protected the ground from scorching heat and long droughts. These prairie grasses were virtually indestructible, growing 6 feet tall roots tightly wound together going 9 feet into the ground, withstanding bison trampling over them day after day (Tarshis 6). After tearing up the prairie grassed, they planted wheat. It was fine for a while, after the prairie grasses were cut up, then the great depression hit and many of the farmers ran out of money. To top it all of a drought came and the ground dried up and dust storms started to form (Tarshis 7). One in particular called Black Sunday was the biggest one. The menacing storm rose up 8,000 feet into the sky…show more content…
“Delhi’s chief minister announced a series of emergency measures, including a five-day stop at construction, a 10-day closure of a power plant, and a three-day closure of about 1,800 public schools” (Barry 11). And slowly but surely we rebuilt once was there. When humans stop caring about nature and not think of the cause and effect of what they are doing then people will die and become sick. Although we may not have cared about what we were doing in the 1930’s there is still time to learn from our mistakes and fix what we have done. Starting now carpool or use public transportation and do not pollute the environment that we so desperately need, plant trees and bushes, because if we mess up again there may not be a second

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