The Effects Of The Holocaust

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After sometimes in 1933, the holocaust took place in Poland and other European countries. Holocaust refers to the mass murder of Jews and other people before and during World War ll. It was organized by the German Nazi party, led by Adolf Hitler. The Nazi’s was a racist party that seemed to always put them above the others. They also believed that Germans were way important than other races. Mr. Adolf Hitler became Germany’s head of state in 1934 and in this same year, he introduced Anti- Semitism again. Anti- Semitism deals with the discrimination of the Jews. Therefore, when Anti- Semitic laws were produced, Mr Hitler made sure that Jews were persecuted, that children would no longer go to school, keep pets or what not. To him, the Jews were a problem that needed to be removed. Throughout the holocaust, people were treated horribly. They were moved from well improved areas to ghetto’s where they were not allowed to leave. If they tried, they would be executed. Others died of starvation because there wasn’t enough food and technically living conditions was very poor. At the same point, the Nazi’s set up camps where the Jews were tortured, starved and forced to work to death. Altogether, about 6 million Jews were murdered from this event.…show more content…
The holocaust survivors feared to go back to their former homes because of Anti- Semitism. However, they were supported by Great Britain, France and United States and the need of a Jewish home became stronger and
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