Should Tobacco And Smoking Be Illegal Essay

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46.6 americans use tobacco or smoke.Any of those americans could have permanent effects from tobacco and smoking.For all we know any of those americans could drop dead right now.

The issue of tobacco is horrifying. Lots of people Smoke and use tobacco when they know it harms them.It could even kill them.

I believe tobacco and cigarettes should be banned.Thousands of people every year die from the effects of tobacco and cigarettes.

Let 's look at what smoking and using tobacco can cause you. says, “Smokers are 7 times more likely to have a house fire than non-smokers. About 1000 Americans die each year from smoking related home fires.” This means that smoking can affect your family and house too. If your cigarettes are left out they could start a fire.Also you will probably have a fire in your house at least once in your life. It could also cost you your life. also says,” that 90% of wildfires in the US are caused by smoking.”That means that smokers are a big cause of deforestation.They could kill thousands of animals just by smoking.People are lazy and just throw their cigarettes in the leaves. Smoking is the start of some wildfires, we should ban it
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That is not true.Tobacco is not good and makes you addicted to nicotine a type of poison according to britannica school.Britannica school also says it could tranquilize you.Some people might say they have a point and we cannot make 46.6 million people stop.I say we do not need 46.6 million americans to stop at once.We could just stop a couple people and they could stop a couple people and they could repeat that cycle.Then everyone could stop and not be addicted to poison.That is why everyone who uses tobacco and thinks it is good is wrong.Tobacco is a horrid drug that people should not use.Tobacco and cigarettes are horrifying drugs and should be

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