The Effects Of Unsatisfactory Sleep On Adolescents

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Countless studies from around the world have shown that poor sleep cycles and lack of sleep leads to short and long term health issues (Partinen & Gislason, 1995). The American Academy of Pediatrics states that unsatisfactory sleep has a vastly negative effect on adolescents, on both their health and academics. They have even been pushing schools around the United States to delay the times that elementary schools, middle Schools, and High Schools start their classes (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2014). This is an issue that has been, is, and will be studied for years to come, due to its strong consequences. Furthermore, McClain, Lewin, Laposky, Kahle, & Berrigan (2014) have found that individuals who claim to be tired throughout the day report to be less physically active, which brings up another important health issue. All in all, insufficient sleep is an important issue that needs to be studied more in depth, as it is affecting people all around the globe.
Romantic Relationships
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That being over half of the population, it is clear that individuals hold a great impact on their significant others. Chen, Waite & Lauderdale have found that married individuals who claimed to have more positive aspect in their marriage than negative had better sleep. Looking at these two together, it can be seen that the link between sleep and healthy relationships can have a positive affect on your health. Even after all of these findings, it seems that there is a lack of research done on the amounts of sleep that young adults in relationships

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