The Effects Of Violent Video Games Causes Shootings

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#3 GTA Causes Shootings?

Violent video games are currently being attacked for their possible influence of public shootings. Video games have been becoming more popular over time, and the often have been containing very violent, delinquent behavior, which a lot of people play. Recently, the case of video game-influence shootings has risen has drawn attention to many studies and debates whether or not video games are the true causes of these shooting acts, because of how violent some of them can be. Some of these shooters such as the columbine shooters were known to be invested or even addicted to these violent games, and that is the main target people suspect is the problem. Violent video games are not harmful to people because they do not provoke violence, they can benefit people in certain aspects hard to help otherwise, and they can actually calm the user.

For example, one reason why video games are not bad for people is because contrary to popular belief, they actually help with calming the user and relieving some of their stress. “A 2012 study at Texas A&M...showed that both men and women who play violent video games long-term seem to be able to adopt mental skills to handle stress” (Dube para. 8).This makes clear that the statements of violent video games being portrayed as causing violence and aggression are, simply put, wrong. In fact, this study shows that they decrease stress, and stress can be what causes these

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