The Effects Of Water Pollution In Tianjin

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Thanks to the Tianjin Municipal Government for its outstanding contributions to education, medical care, and public construction, which makes my life, in Tianjin, is comfortable and enjoyable. However, one problem still affects my life which is water pollution. Tianjin is an industrial city, and many plants are built in Tianjin. Each plant produces a large amount of industrial sewage every day, but not every plant has a sewage treatment system. Although the economy has been developing, the quality of water in Tianjin is decreased year by year. Because of water pollution is getting worse; I have to install a household water purification system, to ensure the domestic water could be used safely. Meanwhile, water must be boiled because this process can ensure the water is harmless to the body. Water pollution not only increased my living costs but also caused a waste of energy.
According to the article from "Journal of Environmental Sciences", the concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus in the rivers of Tianjin has been severely exceeded, the concentrations of various metal ions had reached harmful degree to the human body, and the water quality of 56.6% rivers was worse than Grade V. This severe water pollution problem has severely affected the life of all Tianjin residents, including me. People 's lives cannot be separated from water, but the price of household water purification system is very high; therefore, not all families can afford. Then the poor are forced to use the

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