The Eging Man In William Bellow's Dangling Man

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Bellow has interest in metaphysical question. He realizes that he is able to pass his message through images. There images came spontaneously. They produce the characters. Through these images one can experience the pains of existence. WEIGHT: Bellow frequently uses images of weight. The purpose of these images is to express the pressures of livelihood which give disturbances to his heroes. In Dangling Man Iva supports Joseph. She believes that she can make life more tolerable for him. But her effort is futile. Life continues to be a heavy burden. This burden is often a kind of weariness of life –as Goethe says. The physical environment is a detesting burden for many of the novels. Wind feed Joseph on his daily walks. He envisions the battered…show more content…
One could see the recurring image throughout his adventures that he carries Einhorn. [I] got him on my back. He used to talk about himself as the Old Man of the Sea riding Sinbad. But there was Aeneas too, who carried his old dad Anchises in the burning of Troy…. Most of the characters carry someone in their life. As Augie carries Einhorn, Grandma Lausch carries the March family and Simon carries his relatives late. Wherever people travel they carry things. Augie isnot out of it. He is also a part of his dark, burdensome location that even his language itself is burdened with things. He is loaded with lists of people or heavy things or feelings. His epic catalogues are really laboured list of items. There are various images of weight. Augie thinks people tread on him. Wherever Augie goes, he feels insecure and he feels burden. He feels “How can I remove the mass of uniform things? His question is never answered. Wilhelm, the man of sorrows attempts to make his burden less by casting off his real name but he is not able to do this, as he is not able to get rid of his own thickness of speech. No one in this world is ready to bear any load on their own. Even Dr. Adler refuses to carry anyone including his own son on his

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