The Elder Justice Act (EJA)

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¬ The Elder Justice Act (ACT) is an abuse prevention law enacted under the Affordable Care Act in 2010 ¬ Purpose of this law to the Elderly/Seniors from abuse ¬ The EJA is a strong mandate to promote recognition, reporting, and prevention of elder abuse ¬ It is estimated that 10 % of elderly experience some form of abuse, neglect or exploitation very year × “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defined elder abuse as any abuse and neglect of a person between the age of 60 and older by a caregiver or another person in relationship involving an expectation of trust” (Kleba & Falk, 2014) ¬ Types of Elder mistreatment under the EJA ACT ¬ Physical abuse ¬ Psychologic/ emotional abuse ¬ Sexual abuse ¬ Neglect ¬ Financial manipulation/material…show more content…
¬ Some healthcare professionals lacks decisional making skills to differentiate type of abuse is occurring (Dong, 2014) × Proponents Opponents ¬ National Protective Services Association All areas involve in the field of elder believes , Elderly population and safety abuse must continue to work and depends on funding to the Elder Justice Act do research together by synchroni- -zation of data collection or Congress will not release funds yearly to support the EJA The National Institute of Health (NIH) researchers Need to conduct sound scientific research to advance the field of elder

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