Father Flynn In Patrick Shanley's Doubt: A Parable

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In the system of law you are innocent until proven guilty. But at this time Father Flynn is guilty until proven innocent. He proves himself to be guilty because he is a harmful and scary man. Father Flynn’s sermon shows the attendees of the church the elements of doubt and suspicion. In his sermon he states that no one knows that he is sick and that he’s done something wrong. The evidence shown in Patrick Shanley’s play, Doubt: A Parable, I conclude Father Flynn is guilty because he’s more than friendly to Donald and he abuses his power at St. Michael’s church. Father Flynn is guilty because he is more than friendly to Donald Muller. Donald has just moved to St. Michael so he is an easy target for Father Flynn. No one has an eye on Donald…show more content…
Father Flynn tries many times to leave Sister Aloysius’s classroom without giving her information on her suspicion with Donald. “I don’t wish to continue this conversation at all further. And if you are dissatisfied with that, I suggest you speak with Monsignor Benedict” (Shanley 55). Father Flynn proves that he can get out of legal trouble by bringing up Monsignor Benedict as a scapegoat. If this info were to be brought to The Monsignor he would deny all allegations making him innocent. Father Flynn’s reputation causes him to stay out of trouble with Monsignor Benedict. Father Flynn is also very corrupt; he has worked for four different churches including St. Michaels. He wouldn’t need to keep relocating to different churches if he wasn’t guilty. After Sister Aloysius lied about calling his old parish Father Flynn gave up his title at St. Michaels. “You have no right to go rummaging through my past! Call the pastor and ask him why I left! It was perfectly innocent. I am a good priest! And there is nothing in my record to suggest otherwise” (Shanley 48). Father Flynn tells Sister Aloysius to contact his last parish knowing he had a high rank there. After Sister Aloysius lied to Father Flynn about contacting his last perish, he resigned his rank thinking she contacted them. Father Flynn is guilty because he knew that his last parish would be enough proof for Monsignor to fire him. Father Flynn resigned to make it seem
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