The Elements Of Gothic Elements In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Bram Stoker had six siblings and was born to upper-middle-class Irish Protestant parents on 8th November 1947. His most famous work is considered to be ‘Dracula’ which overshadowed his other works and claimed the throne of his masterpiece. The gothic masterpiece published in the late nineteenth century in 1897 still retains its title of classic with its representation of the accumulated Carpathian Mountains folklores and myths through the presentation of the story in the form of letters, Journal entries and clippings of the newspaper articles by one of the character from the story Mina exhibits the gothic element of dread and mysteriousness through its first person perspective linking the reader with the events in the present time thus making the exploration and the expansion of the plot to occur at the same time as the character unfolds them. The novel ‘Dracula’ established the concept of vampires though not original holistically but still its eminent creation of the vampires in the catalogue of the eerie and ghostly creatures can be seen still in the modern society, where people who have not even read this novel knows about the superstitions of how to kill a vampire and the list of things that could protect them like Christian cross and garlic, etc. The modern day vampire adaptations repeats on the original motifs created by Bram stoker and thus makes the presence of the Dracula in the classic fiction as an indispensable status.

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