The Eleventh Plague Character Analysis

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The Eleventh Plague Character Analysis “Your life is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” Steve Jobs. People spend most of their life to try to blend into society and try to fit in. People are always worried about what there actions will make people think about them. One example of this would be Stephen, he goes through a large amount of change, and learns not to fit in, and to be himself. In the book, The Eleventh Plague, Stephan’s conflicts, changes, and interactions with other characters helps him learn to help others in need. Through the conflicts and changes in Stephen’s life, he learned how to be a better person. He was only worried how the new town would affect him. When Stephen moves to Settlers Landing he is only worried how it will effect him. He was only worried how he could make the best of it. “Maybe this is my chance" (21). Stephen realized how he could start over. Stephen never knew how to interact with others, because he was always just with his dad, and many events has helped him understand how to care about others. "I gotta get back to my dad” (102). After Stephens dad falls of the cliff and gets into a comma, he learns how to put others in front of him. Stephen at the beginning the of the book never really knew how to care for others, and later began to. In the book, …show more content…

Many people try to fit into what is socially excepted and they never try to be there selfs. People only try to be what society wants them to be. Just like Stephen, people can change and they can learn how to be their self. Many times in the book we witness Stephen going through change during times of struggle or sadness. Over the course of the book we witness Stephen completely changing and putting others in front of his self. Treating people the way they wanted to be can go a long way and also being yourself will also be the right thing to

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