The Elite: The American Revolution

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Born into the world with a precedent to follow everything the law or what your parents say, no matter the hardships you face. Rules have been drilled into our minds at a young age in hopes to set ourselves up for success without trouble, but even if we are to be brainwashed as an infant we have it in our genes to meddle into some mischief. Breaking the rules can prove to be influential in many ways such, as a change in our government system, questioning society placement, and doing anything to protect your loved ones.
The American Revolution was a major change in history with the early colonists fighting for independence for the nation. With our wondrous victory, there was a chance to break away from the British monarchy and start a new government
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America Singer a five, in the Illean caste system, has sought out a way to bring back the old America where everyone was equal in society and had the right to stand against the government without being severely punished. The only way to accomplish the task at hand was to make the problem known to the Illean country.
In the second book of the series, The Elite, America was assigned a philanthropic project to help the country in some creative, reasonable way. At first, America was having trouble choosing a topic to pursue as her assignment, but when Prince Maxon gave her the journal, an idea popped up and she chooses a very risky topic: destroying the caste system. All of the projects were presented on the Report by each elite member, and when America goes, she causes a shock when she proposed something that intentionally goes against their government. Chaos erupts and America was at risk of losing more than she could possibly
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In the second book, Frostbite, Rose goes against guardian protocol to go rescue her colleagues from being captured by strigoi. Bringing along Lissa’s boyfriend, Christian, along to help her deliver the novices and moroi back in one piece. Unfortunately, when they got to the abandoned house, the strigoi were able to overpower and kidnap Rose and Christian. When it got to a dire situation of life and death, Rose skillfully came up with an ingenious plan to escape with everyone unscathed. Fleeing from the house was no easy task, Rose was to take on two strigoi at once, but she tactfully decapitated her captors before they had a chance to prevent them from leaving. The mission was successful, even though Rose defied what her mentor had told her. Without taking matters into her own hands, their lives would have been lost, and Rose would not have made a reputation as a hero amongst her
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