The Emancipation Proclamation: Davis Response To Jefferson

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Many african american had to fight for their right to defend their country and to receive fair and equal treatment in the military. The legacy of their courageous struggles and their service helped the united states to realize its highest ideal of freedom. the civil war,they had the worst jobs and the worst weapons. They also did not having the right to vote or to have an education, according to the article “ civil war black soldiers” the confederate declared that all african american fighting for the union should be treated as rebels and slaves and they would be put to death if they were caught by a confederate. In 1948 president truman issued an executive order 9808 directing the military to give all soldiers equal treatment…show more content…
The confederate president jefferson davis did not respond positively to the emancipation proclamation. he believed that the emancipation proclamation would only destroy the satisfy and peaceful lives that would be leading them to inescapable death. According to the article “the emancipation proclamation: jefferson davis response” by julie golia this is jefferson's response to the emancipation proclamation. “We may well leave it to the instincts of that common humanity which a beneficent Creator has implanted in the breasts of our fellow-men of all countries to pass judgment on a measure by which several millions of human beings of an inferior race, peaceful and contented laborers in their sphere, are doomed to extermination, while at the same time they are encouraged to a general assassination of their masters by the insidious recommendation ‘to abstain from violence unless in necessary self-defense.’ Our own detestation of those who have attempted by the most execrable measure recorded in the history of guilty man is tempered by a profound contempt for the impotent rage which it discloses. …” in response to the confederate punishing the african american president lincoln issued a general order 233 which treating retaliation against confederate
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