The Emerald Mile Kenton Grua Themes

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In Kevin Fedarko’s novel The Emerald Mile Kenton Grua lived a courageous life that would be remembered for many years to come. He blazed his own trail and accomplished many impressive feats. Grua had a love for adventure and a deep respect for nature, specifically the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. He did whatever he set his mind to and didn’t let obstacles or discouragement get in his way. He was respected and admired by those who knew him and developed amazing skill and knowledge in his area of expertise--being a boatman and river guide. Likewise, I would love to live a life of courage and be remembered for one who was inspiring and impactful to others. I view my Freshman year here at Utah State as a new big adventure and, like Grua navigating white water for the first time, it can be frightening to venture into the unknown.…show more content…
Connections will help us extend beyond our usual comfort zone and provide tools to accomplish great things during our time at Utah State University. Just like Grua and his team had to try something that had never been done before, we too will have to try new things. We may feel intimidated going to class for the first time or timid to approach someone we would like to get to know. We will be pleased with our efforts when we have accomplished new and exciting things and we will be glad we invested the effort. In the final speed run, Fedarko shares Petschek’s feelings of how he discovered happiness through the gratitude and joy that the Canyon and River provided to him. (324) We can all find gratitude and joy in life’s experiences no matter where we find ourselves. Whether we are running the white water of the Grand Canyon, or attending class at USU, we can embrace and enjoy the many bumps and thrills life has to

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